Solar ovens for Madagascar: you did it!

Following my fundraising campaign to buy a solar oven for the village of Ifaty in Madagascar it is my pleasure to announce that I was finally able to deliver not one but 14 solar ovens in two villages (Ifaty and their neighbor Tvinissou)!

This has been made possible thanks to help from Ades (oven production and training), Reef Doctor (they’ll manage the ongoing project and have helped me a lot while I was working with them during my marine conservation internship) and, of course, your tremendous generosity. Thanks a lot everyone!

The good news is that the project will not end with my return to Europe as we were able to set up a small association there where, for a small fee, beneficiaries can get their ovens serviced, benefit from ongoing training and make it possible to buy more ovens for their fellow villagers.

You’ll find hereafter some pictures taken during the training provided by Ades on the Reef Doctor site to interested parties and villages’ presidents.

I’ll keep on following this project and will gladly write a follow-up in the future. Once again thanks everyone who made this idea become reality!

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