Solar ovens crowdfunding for Ifaty, Madagascar

I’ll be leaving soon for Ifaty, a small village in south Madagascar as a volunteer for Reef Doctor (a non-profit organization active in marine conservation projects). This village has very limited electricity and no running water.

Although my work there will be centered around reef restoration and marine conservation in the Ranobe bay, I wanted to try something different and do something for the forests there (80% of the wood is used for cooking in Madagascar). 90% of the original forests have already been cut down!

This brings us to the subject of this post: I’m doing my first fundraising experience by asking you to help me bring a solar oven in my luggage. The chosen model is both light and durable and uses eco-friendly materials. It is sufficient to cook for 5 to 6 people and can quickly reach 200°C (this means the oven can also be used to pasteurize water for example).

If you can help me reach this goal I’d be really grateful (1 CHF is about 1.04 USD and 0.83 €). You can use any card supported by PayPal or your PayPal account directly.

If you prefer to wire me your contribution directly, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll send you the necessary information.

Thanks a lot for your generosity; I’ll keep you posted on this page!

Also, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

P.S. If the fundraising is not successful one week before I leave (i.e. 12th  of July), I’ll give the money to Adesolaire. If we raise more money than needed for the oven, I’ll add some accessories for the oven (replacement solar panels for example) and/or other needed stuff for the village (books and pencils for the school come to mind) ; anyway, I’ll detail the result of the operation right here.

Update, 19th July 2012: Wow, thanks everyone for your support! The 499 CHF originally planned have been easily reached thanks to your generosity… In the meantime I have secured an excellent deal with Adesolaire and I should be able to deliver not one but 6 or more solar cookers to Ifaty ;-)!

Update, 7th September 2012: Back from Madagascar since three weeks already, I’m happy to give you more details on how the project went in the follow-up post I just published.

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